Channellock ratcheting 13 ‘N 1 multi-screwdriver Review


The CHANNELLOCK® 13 ‘N 1 ratcheting all-in-one screwdriver caught my attention while wandering the isles of a local tool supply store, and I thought “what a brilliant multi-bit driver”, and the purchase was made!

An interesting – yet welcomed fact when doing research for this article – I came to realize that MEGAPRO makes the driver for CHANNELLOCK.

Between my positive experience with the MEGAPRO made 13-in-1 screwdriver and seeing the many other great screwdrivers available; MEGAPRO will remain at the top of my list when in need of a screwdriver, and I highly recommend them to anyone.

No longer carry a handful of drivers – choose the screwdriver for your needs that has all the popular bits in one unit.

What makes this a great ratcheting screwdriver?

Fit the CHANNELLOCK 13n1 Ratcheting Screwdriver in a tool bag or drawer and you’ll always have a very capable tool when you need to remove or insert a screw.

Dimensions: Overall Length = 8.75″ / Handle Length (minus locking collar) = 4.75″
  • Well Built: Solid construction and feel.
  • Comfortable: Rubberized and textured grip.
  • 3-Position Head: Locked | Ratchet forward | Ratchet reverse.
  • Handles Tough Fasteners: 225 lbs. torque allows even the most difficult fasteners to be removed and inserted.
  • 360-degree Bit Carousel: The pull out carousel holds 6 double-sided bits and freely spins 360-degrees when pulled out. The snap shut feature (think cabinet hinge action) of the carousel ensures the carousel stays securely closed when pushed in.
Square Tip Screw Head
Phillips #2 Screw Head
Slot Tip Screw Head
Torx Head Screw Tip
The provided bits will fit the most common fastener heads for home projects.
6 double-sided tips and the 1/4″ hex shaft make up the standard 13 ‘N 1 drive options

The ratcheting action makes quick work and requires less effort compared to a standard screwdriver.

3 drive options: 2 ratcheting + locked

For replacement bits and/or buying different bits to fit other screw head types, use the MEGAPRO OEM ¼-inch bits, as shown, with a pressure fitted locking ball to secure the bit.

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