Best Propane Tankless Water Heaters


    Are you looking for the best propane tankless water heater? Don’t look anymore as we are going to help you.
    Finding the best water heaters is quite challenging, with so many in the market. You don’t need a storage tank to help you heat water.

    As such, we are going to analyze propane tankless water heater reviews to make your search easier.

    Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews

    Let’s take a closer look at every product and see what every unit is best suited for.

    Let’s start with the biggest tankless water heater on the list:

    Rinnai RUR199iP

    Rinnai RUR199iP Condensing Tankless Hot Water Heater, 11 GPM, Propane, Indoor Installation
    • Discontinued. Please see new model RSC199iP
    • Energy and Space Efficient: Space-saving design conserves energy as it heats only when necessary
    • Optimal Water Pressure: Up to 11 GPM hot water flow rate for a powerful, constant stream
    • Instant Heating: ThermaCirc360 technology provides faster hot water with a built-in recirculation pump, timer and thermal bypass valve - ideal for homes without a dedicated return line
    • Guaranteed to Last: 15-, 5-, and 1-year residential for heat exchanger, labor, and parts, respectively. Wifi monitoring.

    Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE+ Features and Specifications:

    • UEF (Efficiency Rating): 0.93
    • Product dimensions: 22.1 x 14.8 x 33.9 inches
    • Flow rate: 11 GPM
    • Installation Type: Indoor
    • Energy Star® certified

    With this indoor propane tankless water heater, you get endless hot water for your entire home. It utilizes condensing technology and ultra-low NOx operation, which makes it environment-friendly.

    The propane-fueled unit has up to an 11 GPM flow rate.

    The Control-R 2.0 mobile app makes this tankless stand out among others. The app allows you to time and schedules the heater all through the day. It also allows you to put the system into vacation mode remotely.

    The water heater is the size of a small suitcase. I particularly love this heater because it is compact and easy to install. The water heater is super efficient and perfect for indoor locations.

    Things we liked

    • The heater has a mobile app that helps in controlling it
    • It is small in size, which makes it easy to install
    • It comes with a residential factory warranty of 120 months

    Things we didn’t like

    • If the power goes out, the temperature resets regardless of what the temperature was before the power outage.
    • You cannot control the recirculation setting using the Control-R app

    Rinnai V65iP – Best Propane Tankless Water Heater for High Altitudes

    Rinnai V65iP Tankless Hot Water Heater, 6.5 GPM, Propane, Indoor Installation
    • Original Design: Tankless hot water heater only heats when necessary to conserve energy; For the latest in non-condensing technology and a cleaner layout that speeds up service and installation, check out our new RE160iP model
    • Never Run Out of Hot Water with this Compact Propane Water Heater: Non-condensing tankless hot water heater from Rinnai is only the size of a small suitcase and fits in a wide variety of spaces, but provides up to 6.5 GPM (5 fixtures at once)
    • Smart, Durable Design: Enhanced scale detection helps prevent serious, long-term damage to unit; Includes 15-, 5-, and 1-year residential guarantee for heat exchanger, labor, and parts, respectively; See Controlr module for WiFi control (not included)
    • Professional Installation Recommended: Visit the Find a Rinnai PRO page on our website to locate a qualified technician in your area to install your tankless water heater; We do not recommend installing a water heater without a technician
    • Find Your Rinnai: See our product guides, manuals, energy guide, warranty information, videos, and tables to find the right tankless water heater for your home; Check our Ground Water Temperature Map to see if this heater is optimal for your region

    Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Water Heater Features and Specs:

    • UEF (Efficiency Rating): 0.8
    • Product dimensions: 13.9 x 8.8 x 23.6 inches
    • Flow rate: 6.5 GPM
    • Installation Type: Indoor
    • Energy Star® certified

    The V65iN model is a combination of high efficiency, comfort, and value. This model is where comfort meets affordability. It is ideal for indoor locations in small and medium homes as it has compact sizes and is easy to install.
    It features an energy factor of 0.82 for natural gas and propane.

    • The leak detection shuts off the water, which prevents property damage.
    • The temperature lock prevents changes to the water temperature.
    • Scale detection reduces the possibilities of long term damage.

    The V65iN also features up to 6.5 GPM hot water flow rate. The heater also has a Control-R mobile app that allows you to put timers and schedules throughout the day. You can also activate the vacation mode of the system remotely.

    Things we liked

    • Error Code Indicator which prevents property damage
    • It comes with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger, five years on parts, and one year warranty on labor.
    • The unit is noiseless
    • Has a mobile app for timing and scheduling

    Things we didn’t like

    • It requires a unique vent system for water condensation. This increases the cost as they need their own vent that is more expensive than the others.
    • Despite coming with a manual, it is challenging to install it yourself. You will need an electrician to help with the electricity requirements. This is also an added cost.
    • The product does not offer you all the parts you need for installation during purchase.

    Camplux 5L – Outdoor Propane Tankless Water Heater

    Camplux Tankless Water Heater, 1.32 GPM Portable Propane Outdoor Camping Water Heater, 5L, AY132, White
    • Lightweight, Compact & Portable Design: The 10 pounds lightweight portable water heater's folding handle keeps it out of the way and enables easy setup outside.
    • Flow Rate & Temperature Specification: The temperature raise is 114.8℉ (46℃) at its highest point and 46.4℉ (8℃) is at its lowest point of 1.32 GPM. Also, 1.32 gallons of hot water can be produced per minute at the flow rate of 1.32 GPM.
    • Versatile Applications: The lowest water pressure at beginning for the water heater is 3.0 PSI. For off-grid and rural areas, this hot water generator powered by two size D batteries is ideal. No more chilly outdoor shower anymore.
    • 6-in-1 Protection & CSA Safety Approved: This tankless water heater is CSA Approved with anti-freezing protection, over-heating protection, low water flow protection, dry combustion protection, high water pressure protection and flame failure device.
    • Installation Instruction & Package Content: This Camplux AY132 heater comes with 1-year guarantee, 5 feet premium on/off shower head, 5 feet gas regulator, 1 set US-standard garden hose, and 1 installation hardware pack. Setting up this propane water heater simply takes 10 minutes.

    Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater Features and Specs:

    • Flow rate: 1.32 GPM
    • Product dimensions: 11.4 x 4.3 x 14.8 inches
    • Max/Min temperature rise: 114.8℉(46℃)/46.4℉(8℃)
    • Portable
    • Not recommended for very high altitudes (above 6000 ft – 2000 meters)

    Portability and energy-saving features make this an ideal outdoor propane tankless water heater.

    The heater comes with a preserver and a well-protected gas chamber. It ensures that no accident can happen during setup and use.

    I appreciate the fact that it comes with 1.32 GPM of hot water energy-saving feature, which ensures that you have an instant flow of hot water wherever you are.

    The heater has a compact size with folding handles. These features make it portable and easy to set up outdoors. It also has a flame failure device and an oxygen depletion safety shut-off. There’s also anti-freezing protection.

    The tankless water heater works with 2 “D” cell batteries, making it great for use in places where electricity is not available. The propane gas pressure is 0.4PSI. It also works with modified water systems with a 12-volt water system. It is available in liquid propane only.

    It only requires 2.5 PSI of water pressure, which is the lowest in the market.

    Things we liked

    • It is highly efficient
    • We love that the water heater is cell-powered so that you can use it even while away from the electricity grid.
    • It has a compact size which makes it portable and easy to set up outdoors
    • The oxygen depletion shut off protection and the anti-freezing protection make the water heater safe for use by you and your family.

    Things we didn’t like

    • It suits outdoor installation only
    • Users complain that the propane hose fitting is not tight. It makes it loose enough for propane to escape with time.

    Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Tankless Water Heater for Tiny House with Battery Ignition

    Eccotemp L10 Portable Water Heater w/ Shower Set
    • Lightweight, easy to carry, and compact, makes using it for camping, hunting, in your Tiny Home, RV’s, Poolside, Washing Pets, Equestrian, Cleaning Vehicles, Greenhouses or anywhere else that you need instant reliable endless hot water
    • Runs on a standard 20 lb. Liquid Propane tank and is equipped with an electronic ignition. Powered by 2 “D” cell batteries, making it ideal for on-the-go
    • Features a safety shut-off that is activated when the unit runs longer than 20 minutes or is tilted more than 45 degrees in either direction
    • Low pressure activation of 20 PSI and is easy to connect to any standard garden hose
    • Rated at 3.0 Gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water output with an achievable temperature range of 50 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit

    Eccotemp L10 Features and Specs:

    • Flow rate: 2.6 GPM
    • Product dimensions: 8 x 14 x 25.5 inches
    • Operating range: 20-80 PSI
    • Portable
    • 20-minute safety shutoff timer

    The Eccotemp L10 is a lightweight and compact size, which makes it easy to carry and perfect for outdoor use.

    It has an electric ignition powered by 2 “D” cell batteries, which makes it ideal for use off the grid and in areas with no electricity.

    This tankless water heater operates with liquid propane only. The product comes with mounting brackets at the top back of the unit for easy setup while outdoors. It is compatible with 12 volts pumps.

    The heater features a rust-resistant chrome showerhead and a stainless steel hose.

    Another great feature of the product is that it comes with easy-to-use temperature controls. It is capable of providing hot water on demand by heating water only when there is a need.

    The Eccotemp L10 also features a 20 minutes automatic safety shut-off timer. The timer resets when the water stops and starts again when the water is back.

    The 45-degree safety tilt switch also enhances safety. It also comes with a gas regulator and hose, garden hose adapter, and output water quick connect.

    Things we liked

    • The chrome shower head and stainless steel hose make it durable
    • The 20 minutes shut off and 45-degree tilt switch makes the water heater safe to use
    • The mounts at the back of the water heater allow for easy set up while outdoors
    • It has a compact size, and it is lightweight for portability purposes
    • High-efficiency performance

    Things we didn’t like

    • The pressure adjusting knob is of poor quality
    • Users complain that the water heater breaks down due to freezing lines

    Buyer’s guide for the propane tankless water heaters

    There is little room for error in buying an on-demand water heater. You should consider the following while purchasing a propane tankless water heater.


    The companies recommend that a licensed contractor should do the installation. The contractor should know the plumbing, electrical, gas, and venting aspects of the tankless heater.
    What this means is the extra cost of hiring a contractor. If you do the installation yourself, you might void the warranty in case of anything.


    If you are using an indoor propane water heater, you can install it on any wall in your home. You can also install the heater on the outside wall of your home to save on space.
    For an outdoor water heater, you should get one with mounts and handles for easy setup and installation.


    Indoor models of propane water heaters can vent vertically through the roof or horizontally through the wall. The venting option should offer the best safety and performance.

    Gas line sizes and fuel types

    This model is available in natural gas and LPG fuel types. It also uses either ½” or 3/4″ gas lines. It contributes to an increase in efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

    Energy-saving and efficiency

    Energy saving is one of the reasons for using an on-demand propane tankless water heater. You should be keen when choosing one that will meet your needs. Note, that the efficiency and power saving of the heater decreases as the water needs increase.

    Electric systems have a higher efficiency than gas units. Gas is a less expensive source of fuel, which will give you a lower annual operating cost.

    For this reason, efficiency is just one factor in many that you should consider while buying a tankless heater.

    Getting the right size

    You should be sure to select the proper size that will help meet all your needs. You look at the temperature rise needed to achieve a specific flow rate. If you can calculate these two factors, you can select a size that will meet your household hot water needs.

    Gas-fueled on-demand systems tend to produce a higher flow rate than electric ones. Remember, getting the right size for the tankless water heater is critical because there’s no storage tank in case of a water shortage.


    You will use an outdoor tankless water heater while doing outdoor activities such as camping and so on. As such, you should select one that has a compact size and is lightweight so that it will be easy to carry it around.

    The size will also determine how simple it will be to set up the water heater.

    Your gas supply

    Gas tankless water heaters are more powerful than electric ones. Before deciding to buy the best gas tankless water heater, you should consider the following:

    Your gas supply should be large enough to power up the unit. You should also think about the location of the meter of the new tankless unit. You can get the services of a gas provider or a plumber to help you weigh all your options.

    Make sure the gas power model you are looking for uses electronic ignition.


    Among our list of the best propane tankless water heater, what takes the day is the Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater. The propane-fueled heater offers 11 GPM hot water flow rate.

    It also has the Control-R mobile app that you can use to set timers and schedules during the day. You can also activate the vacation mode remotely using the app.
    The water heater has a compact design, and it is easy to install. It makes it perfect for indoor use.

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