Instantly Fresh Review

Instantly Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner Review

    Instantly Fresh washing machine cleaner
    Instantly Fresh washing machine cleaner

    Instantly Fresh is a washing machine cleaner that comes in a pack of 5 tablets. It is claimed to be extremely effective against odor-causing residue and bacteria.

    In this review we’re going to find out if the claim is true, if the whole thing is even legit, what are the ingredients and how good it performs against popular legit washing machine cleaners like Affresh.

    Instantly Fresh Overview

    Instantly Fresh washing machine cleaner is very similar to the Finally Fresh that we’ve reviewed earlier. It looks the same and works pretty much the same way. It foams a lot and it helps to dissolve the residue. It also uses similar special chemicals that have the same effect on bacteria and dirt.

    It works for any type of washing machine be it high efficient models, normal top-loading or front-loading washers, or actually any other type.

    Instantly Fresh is sold on the official website here, on Amazon, and on authorized sellers’ websites but there aren’t many.

    It mostly has positive reviews on both websites. The official website looks kinda shady though. But as you can see the 4.6 rating is a plain image which isn’t very reassuring.

    Amazon is a different thing though. The reviews are controversial. Most of them look legit. Both good and bad.

    We suspect that Instantly Fresh isn’t very good for hard cases where there’s a lot of calcium buildup, mold, and dirt residue. It’s too weak. And positive reviews are from people who had success with it. They probably only had bad smell which Instantly Fresh battled successfully.

    Overall, it’s an OK washing machine cleaner. We think for the price you could get a better alternative but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    If you’re interested in other options, check out our guide on the best washing machine cleaners for every kind of washers.

    Instantly Fresh Ingredients

    TL;DR: Instantly Fresh consists of surfactants, bioenzymes and sodium bicarbonate. All are safe to use.

    All the ingredients in this washing machine cleaner are approved by the EPA Safer Choice program. They’re the same bleaching agents and surfactants that are used in most washing machine cleaners.

    Bleaching agents kill bacteria and removes the annoying smell. After the cleaning cycle is leaves a fresh scent that lasts for several weeks.

    The fresh scent we’re talking about is caused by the surfactants in Instantly Fresh. They’re used to finish the cleaning process and make the washer environment resistant to bacteria.

    Both chemicals are completely safe for use.

    Important: if it swallowed or somehow gets into your eyes, immediately call a doctor.

    Is Instantly Fresh Legit?

    Instantly Fresh is a normal washing machine cleaner. In terms of quality, it’s no better than the best alternatives, but it does clean the washer from bad smell.

    It foams a lot and it helps in battling the residue and dirt build ups.

    One thing that bothers us is the landing page and the price. The price is slightly above average for what looks like a normal product. Not bad, but not an outstanding one.

    Their website and the landing page look suspicious though. We’d give 4 out of 10 credits just for that.


    Instantly Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner


    Overall Instantly Fresh is a legit washing machine cleaner that does its job and is safe to use. It's not a super duper efficient allmighty cleaner but it does what is says: it effectively gets rid of bad small in the washer.

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    1. Very disappointed with the way this instantly fresh ad that came in Facebook. I was forced to pay for another set of sheets after I provided credit card information when I checked out and did not receive the product for more than a month. After I contested the charges with my credit card company and sent an email to the company email id that I saw on google, product was mailed to me – zero instruction on the product pack and the sheets that accompanied had instructions in a language that is not English and so I cannot use that product. Looks like a scam product, where they will charge you $100s of dollars but will not mail you the product unless you follow up. Not sure how many innocent buyers paid for it and did not receive the product

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