Tekton Screwdriver Kit
Tekton Screwdriver Kit

TEKTON 2841 Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver, 135-Piece – Best Precision Screwdriver Set

    Comfortable Handle: The comfortable, ratcheting handle has a magnetic socket for ease of use.
    Small Precision Bits: Precision bits are for small electronics, phones and glasses. This set has a wide variety of precision bits for a number of different applications.
    Security Bits: The security bits will help you remove tamper proof screws. Many electronics devices have tamper proof screws these days to protect warranties and to guard against hacking. If you need to get into a device with these kinds of tamper proof screws, then you are going to need the right bits.
    Well Organized Case: The well organized and durable case keeps all of the bits organized and clean. This is a key feature when trying to keep a large number of specialty bits organized through a long day. If there is a spot in the tray missing, then you know that you are missing a bit. This way you won’t leave anything behind when you leave the job site.
    Spudger: The set comes with a spudger tool to safely open electronics cases without breaking them. This is a very nice addition when you need to open a stubborn case without cracking it or launching the parts across the room.
    No triangular bits: One reason techs buy sets like this is for these specialty bits which are hard to find. The lack of triangular bits means that some folks will pass over the set for another set that has these rare bits.
    Soft metal tips: Some of the user reviews complained that the bits seem to lack durability. There are a few complaints of bits stripping or breaking during their first use. This could be a huge problem if the bits cannot stand up to normal wear and tear, but honestly for light-duty jobs I wouldn’t be too concerned.

    Tekton is a fairly new producer of tools and screwdriver bits , deriving its name from the ancient Greek word for craftsman or carpenter. The TEKTON 135-Piece Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver, Electronic Repair Kit and Security Bit Set boasts a bit for every type of job. It is definitely easy to see why they could say that:  with 102 screwdriver bits and 22 precision bits, this tool kit has a very large assortment of driver bits.

    It says it is specifically designed for repairing cell phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, game consoles, wristwatches, and eyeglasses. It even includes pentalobe bits for Apple products! Pretty cool.


    The kit comes in a nice plastic storage container that will keep your bits and ratcheting handle organized and clean. The design of the storage container makes it easy to find all of the small bits that come with this set.  The smaller tool specialty bits set even have their own organizer cases for ease of use and storage which is something I find helpful.

    When you are looking to buy a screwdriver set then a comfortable handle is a important attribute. The ratcheting handle in this set has a quick-change magnetic socket that allows you to change screwdriver bit heads out with ease and comfort.

    The ratcheting action helps when loosening or tightening large numbers of screws and maintains contact between the screw and the screwdriver bit preventing slippage and damage to the screw. The handle even has a large storage space to store a few of your most commonly used bits for easy retrieval.

    This feature comes in handy when you don;t want to lug around a large set of bits for a fairly simple set of jobs and you only need a couple of different heads. The handle can also be set to a non-ratcheting setting.

    The set has a 34 piece set of bits for use specifically with tamper resistant screws. These things show up in the most unexpected places, so it’s nice to have the bits on hand to deal with them when necessary.

    The set also has a 27 piece set of precision tool bits are designed for use with cell phones, handheld gaming consoles, and controllers. Every manufacturer uses different screws to assemble their products, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is nice to have the right bit for the job before you get started. I’ve run into problems before with not having what I needed, and WOW that was rough!


    The TEKTON 2841 Everybit (TM) Ratchet Screwdriver, 135-Piece screwdriver kit is huge and contains a large variety of bits for every conceivable use or application. Many of the customers who bought this set on Amazon are complaining that the bits themselves are not very durable and can bend or break during normal use.

    I wouldn’t recommend using these bits in a power tool as the increased speed and torque could easily damage the bits in this set and that tends to happen by accident when using a cordless drill with powerful torque, etc. It would seem that this kit lacks the quality of other brands even though it has a large variety of bits, but still has a good value. Having a ton of different bits though does you no good if those bits break or bend under normal usage.

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