Finally Fresh Review
Finally Fresh Review

Finally Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner in Tablets Review


Finally Fresh is a washing machine cleaner that comes in tablets and allegedly is one of the best washing machine cleaners on the market. The sellers and manufacturers claim that it effectively removes the bad smell in all types of washing machines and the residue that’s causing it.

But is that true? Let’s find out!

In a hurry? Check out our verdict and what customers say about the product.

We couldn’t find the original seller and manufacturer of the washing machine cleaner. There’s one seller on Amazon (which is much safer than random no-name online stores) and there’s an alternative Instantly Fresh washing machine cleaner that you can get here or read our review.

So, let’s review the Finally Fresh washing machine cleaner and see if it’s a legit one and if it’s really that effective.

Finally Fresh Overview

Finally Fresh washing machine cleaner is a slow dissolving foaming tablet that you normally throw into the washing machine drum and run a normal cycle or two before it completely removes all the residue and the bad smell.

Finally Fresh washing machine cleaner
How Finally Fresh looks

You’re supposed to use 1 tablet per month to keep your washing machine clean and fresh.

It’s also said that Finally Fresh works for any type of washing machine, be it a top loader or a front loader washer, a HE washing machine, or any other kind.

For a comprehensive clean you’re supposed to use a bleach after using Finally Fresh. It’s a good advice, since bleach is effective against bacteria while FF beats the residue and mold.

Finally Fresh receives both positive and negative reviews (as usual) but very few of the reviewers are real verifiable users. Even on Amazon. We all know how flawed the Amazon reviews system is. Even when it says “verified” those can be either bought (mostly positive reviews) or they may be coming from the competitors.

Finally Fresh Ingredients

Seeing how well it performs against other washing machine cleaners people often ask what’s in the Finally Fresh tablets that makes them so effective. And is it safe to use?

Let’s see!

We couldn’t identify the real US licensed manufacturer behind the Finally Fresh washing machine cleaner, but there are multiple online stores. They look rather fishy though.

One of them mentions that Finally Fresh’s ingredients are: oxygen-based bleaching agent and surfactants. Not too informative, right?

So, what are those? We suppose Finally Fresh sellers just don’t want to reveal the full list of ingredients. From what we know, the “oxygen-based bleaching agent” is probably why it produces so much foam and can dissolve the residue. It’s a normal ingredient for any washing machine cleaner. Affresh and OxiClean (the two best washing machine cleaners from our round-up) have them too. They’re chemicals but they’re safe unless you swallow them or they get on your eyes.

There’s no need to get into the details about the surfactants that are used in Finally Fresh. The only thing you want to know is that it’s a safe chemical ingredient that’s used to finish the cleaning process.

Is Finally Fresh Legitimate?

This is a tough one.

The thing is, we can’t say for sure.

The product does wash your washing machine. The question is if it’s really such a super effective and superior washing machine cleaner as they advertise?

Probably not.

It’s a normal washing machine cleaner that does what it claims to do, but it’s not something so special. Other washing machine cleaners that we’ve reviewed are on par or even better than Finally Fresh or Instantly Fresh, which is basically the same thing.

But if you still want to try it out, click the button below:

Do we recommend Finally Fresh?

We do not recommend buying Finally Fresh. And our readers agree with us (check out the comments section below).

We recommend you to look at other washing machine cleaners rather than buying Finally Fresh.

But if you still want to try it out, better buy it cheaper on the marketplace like on Amazon.


Finally Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner


  • Does the job
  • Not as great as they advertise and claim it to be

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  1. I have been using this product for 6 months the first of every month! I love it! none better as far as i can tell!
    Thank you

    1. Where did you find it? Because I’m looking for it. You’re right. It’s great.

  2. FINALLY FRESH was a Total waste of Money! I didn’t have any smell for it to remove but there was some mold & soap scum in the softener cup which I removed & put into the basket area when using the tablet & it didn’t touch it ! I was able to wipe it out with a towel but Finally Fresh didn’t do anything! 😥

  3. I haven’t received my order which was sent 01/01/21.
    Just keep being fobbed off and can’t refund me as the order is in transit. But they can’t update me about that either.
    Definitely wouldn’t recommend.

  4. It’s a complete scam its advertised for £13.41. Check your bank account cos they took 2 payments from mine, the £13.41 I authorised and then an unauthorised payment of £8.75 which they tried to pass off as a ‘promo offer’.
    After querying it they did refund the £8.75. The miracle cleaner arrived 3 weeks later but I was not at all impressed with the result.

  5. Ordered this product then forgot about it until I received a notice that I was being billed again. I attempted to discontinue with problems. I do not believe in monthly billing on a credit card without obvious notification. This practice should be outlawed.

  6. I’ve used this product every month for the last couple of years. Just used the last tab and went to order more and can’t find it. That’s too bad because the product was fantastic. Nothing cleaned my front loading machine like it. Nothing. Curious if the reviewer actually tried it because the first time it even cleaned the stained rubber that I was poised to replace after 5 years of struggling without success to keep it clean. Don’t understand the negative comments. Don’t understand them at all. PS the product on Amazon does not look like the product I used which was an all white thick round tablet and came 6 to a box.

  7. Folks,
    Just use Baking Soda and White Vinegar or OXICLEAN from the Dollar Store same basic cleaning ingredients

  8. I bought this online last year.
    It came as a 3 pack lot.
    I have used some of one pack and have now thrown the rest out.
    The product smells.
    I thought at first it must have been my washing machine for the first try but it has successively smelt so badly I would never use it again.
    I have a front loader machine and I am now trying to get rid of the smell by rubbing eucalyptus around the rubber door seal.
    Do Not get it.
    There is no guarantee or product contact details on the packaging.
    I feel Like I’ve been duped by someone with a grudge who want everyone to have a bad smelly laundry.

    1. Where and when am I to find your response?

  9. I bought this product online awhile ago and haven’t used it yet. I was going to try it this morning and when I read the back of the box it doesn’t really tell you how to use it. Are you suppose to use it without putting cloths in the machine or just put it in an empty machine? There is no telephone number so I can’t even call them up. Sure is crazy so I am now trying to find it online.

  10. I started using Finally Fresh but was also disappointed. It did help the smell, but I still have to clean a buildup out of the outer rings and other places. I started using 1/4 cup baking soda with each washing load. It seems to keep the machine better than just the finally fresh alone. I think I will try the Splash Spotless to compare.

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