OxiClean washing machine cleaner

OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner Review


OxiClean is yet another USA made brand that made it into our rating of super efficient washing machine cleaners. Let’s take a quick look and find out why OxiClean is so good.

About OxiClean

OxiClean comes in a box of 4 easy-tear pouches. If your washing machine is relatively clean and you only want to prevent it from getting dirty, use one pouch per month.

However, if your washer smells bad and the residue is visible, you need to get rid of it first. To get your washer clean, use one pouch of OxiClean every week for three weeks.

OxiClean is effective against all kinds of odors, dirt build-ups, and even hair. It doesn’t dissolve the hair but it foams a lot during the cleaning process which helps to remove the sticky hair from the washing machine gasket.

OxiClean is made for both standard and high-efficient (HE) washing machines. It works for top loading and front loading washers of any brand.

OxiClean vs Affresh

We can’t say which washing machine cleaners are the best since they both work pretty well. They both remove the odor-causing residue, helps you get rid of mold in the gasket and make your washer look and smell like new.

You should really try both if you want to know for sure.

But anyway, there are a couple of differences. And we can’t not mention them.

First, from the experienced of regular customers we can say that OxiClean foams better which helps to more effectively remove the human and pet hair from the washer.

Second, it depends on the case. Whether your washing machine just needs regular cleaning maintenance or it screams for rescue from the mold, dirt, and build-up.

Affresh is a great choice for both but it’s extremely efficient for the latter. It cleans away the mold spots that are forming on the rubber gasket after a couple of cleaning cycles in one day while OxiClean is supposed to be used during the whole month.

OxiClean is great for keeping your washing machine clean. It also foams a lot and makes all the smells go away and washes away all the dirt and hair pretty effectively.

OxiClean is also cheaper! You can try it for under $10. While Affresh is more expensive but it comes in bigger package.

OxiClean consists of different ingredients. You can check out the Affresh here. The OxiClean ingredients are coming next.

OxiClean Ingredients

Most of OxiClean products consist of sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, and polymer.

When sodium percarbonate connects with water it activates and breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate in solution. It creates the bubbling effect, when the oxygen releases. It looses the dirt and stain molecules and makes it dissolve and dissapear.

Sodium carbonate boosts the water pH level which helps to neutralize and wash away possible acids that may be produced during the cleaning process.

Hydrogen peroxide that’s released during sodium percarbonate reaction works as bleach and sanitizer.

Surfactants or detergents complete the cleaning.

The ingredients are dangerous for eyes and harmful if swallowed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oxiclean

How should I use OxiClean?

Remove the clothes from the machine. Tear open one pouch of OxiClean and empty the content directly into the washer drum. Select the “Clean Washer Cycle”. Start the washer.

Does OxiClean removes stains from the machine?

Yes and very effectively. It works best if used on a regular basis.

Will OxiClean remove mold from the rubber gasket?

Yes, OxiClean can do that. However, if you have a front loader you need to wipe it down.

Des OxiClean remove scum from the walls of the machine?

OxiClean effectively removes soap scum and leaves a fresh smell in your washer. Don’t forget to leave the door open between the loads to prevent the smell.


OxiClean is a great washing machine cleaner for all types of washers including the HE washing machines. It effectively removes the smell causing residue and dirt build ups. If you will use it regularly, it’s going to make your washer look clean and smell fresh.

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